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My name is Marguerite Brady

I am the founder and director of the School Of African Reflexology and Integrative Medicine, established in 2001. My school offers training courses in African and Classical Reflexology and Celtic Mystical Healing. My goal is to assist my students in every way from their infancy in holistic therapy to becoming fully fledged professional therapists. Each student who completes a course with me will become a highly-skilled, confident and competent practitioner with the necessary skills to improve the health and well-being of their future clients. 

I also offer one to one healing sessions both in-person and online and one to one reflexology sessions.

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My Story

I began my career in General Nursing 30 years ago in Ireland, specialising in the area of Oncology and Elder Care. I had the privilege of traveling the world as a nurse, gaining professional insight and experience in both first world and third world countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Africa. I had the incredible opportunity to work alongside Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta in India. I provided care to the marginalized communities of First Nation People in the Australian outback and I worked as a homeopath in clinics in Tanzania, treating orphans and other vulnerable people. I also volunteered in Ethiopia with the Irish Charity, APA working with street children and domestic workers. 

Upon returning to Ireland, I felt a deep calling to shift the direction of my work and become a facilitator of holistic health. I sought additional training in natural modalities of healing and became a trainer of natural medicine. One of my proudest accomplishments to date includes growing and pioneering a unique form of reflexology called African Reflexology, which has enabled me to develop an African Reflexology Course, accredited by the Irish Reflexologists' Institute. In recent years, I have developed a Celtic Mystical Healing Course in collaboration with the wisdom of St Brigid of Ireland. This training empowers students to facilitate a Celtic Spiritual Healing on themselves, with another or as a gently transformative distant healing.

My dedication now lies in assisting individuals of all ages through one-to-one healing sessions, both in-person and online and through my training college in African and Classical Reflexology and Celtic Mystical Healing. I gain inspiration living, walking, and cycling amongst the beautiful hills and rugged landscape of Kinvara, Co. Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. While my clinical practice operates in Loughrea, at other times I work with clients in Kinvara Co. Galway. Nowadays, I spend a huge amount of my time working with people online in the comfort of their own homes or workplaces.

As the teacher and facilitator of The Accredited Diploma in African and Classical Reflexology and Celtic Mystical Healing Program, I bring my wealth of knowledge and passion to each student. I have spent a lifetime expanding and perfecting each of my specialist training programs, ensuring that every student who trains with me receives excellence in both theory and practice. It is not just a job for me, it is a vocation. I see my private practice and my teaching practice as a privilege and an honour that allows me to facilitate each client in their journey towards healing, direction, guidance, balance, harmony, and overall well-being.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your path to holistic health and spiritual growth.




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